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100% local production

We want to reach customers in demand for authentic products with a Made in France positioning. Thought, drawn, made, all the design of the models as well as the realization of the print and the cutting of the prototypes were made in France. For the first collection, some models include crochet inserts handmade by craftsmen to enhance French know-how. For production, the swimsuits are sewn one by one by expert and passionate seamstresses.

Oïana is an opportunity to offer an alternative to fast fashion, the collection is exclusive and produced in a limited edition. Attentive, useful, local and reasoned, Oïana offers the choice of adopting a more responsible chic and ethical consumption behavior!

Sustainable Comfortable Eco-responsible

We have an eco-responsible focus in alignment with the growing consumer values. Oiana Island is committed and carries the ethical and Body Positive values, thanks to natural or recycled materials. Thanks to its fabrics labeled OEKO-TEX 100, the first label aiming to guarantee the humano-ecological qualities of textiles: free of toxic products for the body and the environment. Oïana Island offers women a collection of swimwear that is not only environmentally friendly but also concerned with their natural well-being. The threads of our crochet panels are in Oeko-Tex certified cotton just like our labels. Oïana is committed to continuously improving its production process, based on future innovations and technologies.

Mix – Match as you wish

Oïana Island likes to play on associations that are becoming very trendy, we can therefore create several unique models thanks to the mismatched jerseys. Mix them, match them, turn them over; the jerseys are reversible offering 2 looks in 1 and designed so that the seams do not leave any marks on the skin. Play with the volumes to rebalance your figure and subtly arrange your complex areas, all with style. Oïana Island is a young brand with vitamin-rich colors that combines chic and ethics. The details revealed on the models give the feeling of a unique piece of artisanal art.

Packaging Plastic Free !

Oiana Island offers recycled and recyclable packaging. Our box is recyclable, the personalized pouch is made of organic cotton. For this first collection we have recovered sails from navigator boats and offer a pouch made from recycled boat sail!


The picture that nature offers us invites us to awaken our creativity. At our level, we want to raise awareness so that biodiversity is preserved. For the next collections we will take you to discover new journeys and hope to offer you even more surprises.

Lets see the sea

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